Why I Love what I love

Getting back to basics here, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what got me to where I am now, especially now I’ve graduated and moved back home I’m in a very reflective mood. A lot of what I’ve been thinking about if how my tastes and the stuff I love as led me to to do what I have done, I mean I basically studied  my hobbies as my degree. I’m still not sure if I was mad doing that but hey I had a great time.

I guess the best place to start would be how I fell in love with theatre (books came a lot later) and its really in a very round about way. When I was three I started taking ballet lessons, and yes its very good for you and guys should do it too, anyway by merit of doing dance class I also did several dance shows and I was hocked on performing. I still remember my first show so clearly I was a rainbow fairy, and the smell of hairspray and running to do quick changes I loved it all so much it was so exciting, and to be honest I’m a show off so lots a people applauding is all quite cool. It took a bit longer to realise that I wasn’t really dancer material and that my thing was more acting and directing, but in that time I discovered musical theatre, and that has a lot to answer for.




It wasn’t for musical theatre I wouldn’t of met this crazy bunch of people.

Now I’m not the worlds most confident singer, but I still love musical theatre and my grandmother has a lot to answer for. When I was about five or six I discovered a VHF of Cats the musical (yes that long ago) at her house and I feel in love, I still know the whole show off by heart because I watched so many times and drove everyone else totally mad. That musical really has a lot to answer for but I’m very happy about it. I don’t think I would of had half the experiences,or friends I now have, and I defiantly wing this whilst listening to show tunes, what its really good to write to.


As I mentioned earlier my love of books came much later, because of my annoying dyslexic brain. But as you can probably guess I didn’t let that hold me back. Although I don’t think I would be such a keen reader if I hadn’t grown up in a house full of books. When I was a baby I didn’t sleep with a teddy bear I always had to have a paper back copy of a Pooh Bear book. So I was very lucky that despite the fact that I struggled learning to read I was always drawn to books so I persevered. It paid off in the end the first book I read was Black Beauty, much to my teachers shock, and I haven’t really stopped. I always had a book with me, I took weakly trips to the library, and I spent my holidays with my nose in a book. It really was love at page 1.

Looking back is really good taking stock of all the good things that have come before and how they got you to where you are. I can’t help look back and smile at all the good memories of the stuff that got me here.

Emma x

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